the hormones are sooo real


so about a week ago I saw target has a unicorn ice cream and got allll kinds of excited (i like unicorns lol) and since my fiancee was up that way asked if he'd get me some on his way home..

...only to find out it's not available in my area...I STRAIGHT UP CRIED OVER ICE CREAM FOR A SOLID 5 MINUTES, AT LEAST!! and I was just like omg what's wrong with me😂 and of course he's like I'm sorry baby and I'm like 😭but it's not fair! it's unicorn ice cream AND IT HAS GLITTER CANDY and I can't even have it😭 just bawling my eyes out and kept trying to explain to him why it's so unfair (its UNICORN ice cream! it has GLITTERY pieces! how come other people can have it and i can't! i can't even have toblerone ice cream because that's only in the UK those bastards!😢 ..haha)...😂😂😂 that happened a few times throughout the day haha

then yesterday I had to throw out the flower he got me because it died and when he came home I told him '...I threw my flower out cuz it was dead...' and started crying over that and he's like baby it's okay there will be more flowers and I'm just sobbing like BUT I HAD TO THROW IT AWAY!😭😭😭 I HATE WHEN MY FLOWERS DIE!!! I LOVE WHEN YOU GIVE MY FLOWERS IT MAKES ME FEEL SPECIAL, AND I HAD TO THROW IT AWAY! I HATE WHEN THEY DIE WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DIE 😭😭😭

and oh my goodness he was just too sweet haha I feel like if he ever did something like that I would probably die laughing😶 he did chuckle both times but did his best to make me feel better :) I just can't believe how easy I cry now haha it's almost sad but so hilarious😂 basically free entertainment lol