Advice please

Melissa • Isaac 09/09/2016👶💙

I have an 18 nearly 19 month old son and Friday morning he woke up and his eyes kept going inwards. First it was his left and then his right eye would do it and then sometimes he’d even go cross eyed! He seemed himself otherwise so we decided to see how it was over the weekend. Only it’s got a little worse day by day so we took him to our doctors yesterday afternoon who said it was strabismus and said we had to wait for a phone call from the hospital but said it could be a couple of days. However my mother in law is a receptionist at another doctors clinic and she asked a doctor where she works and they said to her that because he’s developed it overnight and it’s both eyes to take him straight to the hospital! I don’t know what to do because obviously I want to get him sorted ASAP as I hate seeing him like this but then is it going to be a waste of time going to the hospital?