Any other plus size women?! TMI!!!!!!


Okay so I'm a plus size girl but my S.O. is skinnier than me. He says He loves me the way I am and I know he loves me but I honestly feel so self conscious around him! I never in a million years thought I would be in love with a man that is skinnier than me! I always thought skinny guys don't like big girls so my dating options were limited to only bigger guys. I feel so uncomfortable having sex with him sometimes. His favorite position is cowgirl (Me riding him) But I absolutely hate it because I feel like I'm going to squish him🤣! I'm 5'0" 280lbs. He does make me feel beautiful He really does but when we go out I get dirty looks a lot or other girls try and flirt with him while I'm there Which sets me off more than anything!! I am working on losing the weight and I know it's my fault we aren't pregnant yet so I'm really really trying. Don't get me wrong I love my boobs they aren't huge but aren't small and I love my booty it's my favorite I have learned to love my thighs but I hate my stomach it's where I want to lose the weight at most. Sorry I just really have no one else to talk to!