😫 First PP Period


I knew it was coming, obviously, but i totally wasn’t ready for it to happen today. My three month old is full blown teething and miserable, my husband is gone most of the day working, and now I feel like my uterus is in a blender. My periods were irregular before the pregnancy, but they weren’t awfully painful. This is absolutely horrid; the cramps are so bad I’m doubled over in pain any time one comes on. I feel like I’m 10 years old all over again, getting my first period.

On top of that- I was really hoping to conceive our second (🤞🏻) by now, but (some of you may have seen this in my previous post) I need to have surgery first and I have to put that off until I get my insurance and everyone’s schedules sorted out, so I’m just kinda bummed in general.

I just needed to rant 😞 I so was not ready for this today, at all.