20 weeks. and getting a lot of fat comments


I was already pretty chunky before pregnancy but I never really had a belly I mostly had big thighs, butt, and boobs problems. Now that I getting further along my stomach is bigger (even though I’m not gaining any weight) and I can’t suck it in because duh there is a baby in there. But people who don’t know me and know that I’m pregnant keep making fat comments and I’m honestly starting to get mad. I fell a month ago and my knee popped out of place and I was having a lot of pain still so I went to a orthopedic and he no joke said well maybe your knees would be in better conditions if you dropped a few pounds and that was just 2 weeks ago so I was 18 weeks.

Me at 18 weeks

Me at 20 weeks (not much of a difference in my opinion)