My daughter is gonna be 3yrs old in June and I haven't been with her father since I left July 2015 technically before she was even a month old bc he was comfy where he lived n how he lived ie fine with not making me or our daughter feel welcome or comfy in "his space" anyway recently we went to court for child support bc my county can't get me help unless he pays child support. He. freaked out and began harassing me to cancel it finally confessing to me he wanted me to cancel it bc he had raw sex with some chick and she subsequently got pregnant and told him she's going to file child support as well he was worried about his pockets not that our kids main home with me needs help but he fact he won't be able to shop like he does on a regular n he'll have to get two jobs to afford the two kids. I want to know is it weird or wrong to want to reach out to this other woman to let her know that our kids will be siblings and I want them to know each other like really know each other my kids only with him 2 days a week at 89 bucks a week her kid may end up there the same 2 days if that I want them to go to the park n stuff together like siblings do aside from the baby boy I'm carrying now **Not with him**