I'm not in competition with you!!

Catherine • Pharmacy Student, Army Wife, Proud Mommy
So this girl I've known since college is having a baby next month and she has been asking my questions about my plans for my daughter when she comes (if not earlier) in August since she found out I was pregnant, now me and her are not buddy buddy, she has always been that girl in school who thought they were better than anyone and would judge you like you like crazy. 
Anyway, so her and I were having a innocent convo (so I thought) when the conversation of what my theme nursery is I told her its a surprise (because honestly I do not know how to describe it lol) she goes on to tell me how her nursery is being done by an interior decorator who did their house (whoopity do) so the room will be of grey and blue and it's costing them like 2000 to do. I said oh that's nice. She than asked me if I plan on having a photography I said I'm not sure yet. Probably not she says "oh my husband wants to have one and a videographer we are going to have a private room are you? Does the military insurance cover that" 
She asked me about my baby shower I told her its going to small she tells me how hers was at the ritz Carlton... 😑 she asked if I got everything I said for the most part as in important things. She bragged about how her husband family brought the sons crib from London. 
Now she has the money she does because of her husband She has always been someone to brag and be in competition with you. It's so annoying.  
Sorry I needed to vent because if I didn't I would have cursed this trick out.