I Don’t know

Angelita • Daddy loves me ❤

I Don’t know if im Pregnant or not like im doing so much research rn and im just scared im 16 I cannot...be Pregnant i mean its not even like normal Blood its kinda just Dark red Clots and just idk Me and my bf have been having sex but its Protected we use Condoms (Magnums) not no cheap kind i cant talk to my bf rn because hes in the hospital because his abuse dad hit him and his mom said he tried to kill himself and I can’t get Visitation and I just dont know I DONT WANNA BE MY MOM AT A YOUNG AGE!!! my bf has bipolar and Some other stuff AND MY FATHER HAVE schizophrenia AND ITS JUST LIKE A WHOLE MOVIE DOING THE SAME THING GENERATION AFTER GENERATIONS I WAS SUPPOSE TO BE THE GOOD CHILD I WAS SUPPOSE TO MAKE IT IN THE WORLD NOT HAVE KIDS AND LIVE MY LIFE STABLE 😭😭😭 god i hope im not pregnant!