Failing marriage

My husband never wants to have sex with me anymore. Idk if he is talking to other girls, if he's cheating, or just watching porn and hiding it. He has added a bunch of "hot" females onto his Facebook page. They are obviously those fake chick profiles that live in other countries and are females that have huge tits, plastic surgery, and stuff like that. I try to be sexy and do thing's with him. I've showed him lingerie and asked what he'd like to see me in and he shows no interest. He losses interest in the middle of sex if we have it and he does soft. He doesn't play with my body or anything. I've tried new positions and he gets bored. I've tried toy's. I've tried sexy talk. I made out with another girl because he said he thought was hit and still nothing. There is nothing more I can do. My depression is at an all time high. Our marriage is rocky at best. I got a new job because he wanted me to so we could afford a mortgage and I could help pay for things. I hate this job. He's still not happy. I just don't know what else I can do. He won't see a counselor.