Biggin up the preseed


This is a quick post to big up preseed. I genuinely feel like it was my blessing this month, I don't think I would've gotten my BFP without it.

Through out my 30+ year existence on earth, trust me I've had my fair share of near misses and never once fell pregnant.

Month 2 of TTC armed with OPK's and preseed, my husband and I shared approximately 19hrs together the day after ovulation.

I remember thinking "I've missed it, he's away for weeks... How am I ever going to get pregnant?" Well the stork arrived this month.

For £15 I'd say this product would be an investment even if you use it the once or simply to add something new.

I wish everyone the very best whilst trying to conceive, I understand everyone's path is different.

Sending love, hugs and a sprinkle of baby dust.