Why do you want kids?

I know it may sound awful to a lot of people here, but for last few days I've been thinking why does anyone want to have kids?

I understand wanting a partner - it's emotional support, help and anything... but kids?

First you suffer being pregnant, then you raise them, give them love, food and anything in the world. And for what?

Yes, babies are cute and all, but children and teens are selfish. You give them everything and in return they yell, cry and make stupid decisions. And then they grow up. A lot of kids in their 20-s still live with their parents. A lot of them barely support their parents financially even if they live together. And after all that a lot of people don't like their parents....

So why?

I don't know if it's hormones or what, but for now my answer is:

-babies are cute

-you will feel love towards them

-if you want to have a very selfish and immature friend