What is happening?


My periods are always on track. I'm never late or early. My periods are really regular. my SO has low sperm count we have been ttc with no luck for years. I heard about premama and I tried it on my ovulation cycle. And now I'm two days late. This is so strange but I'm always on time. I know that conceiving is going to take us a lot of work, so I'm skeptical that I could've gotten pregnant just after one cycle of it. I'm so confused, I really don't want to get my hopes up just to get let down. Could the premama have messed up my AF? & if so what can I do to get it back on track...

Mini Update: 5 days late now... & I still haven't tested. I haven't even told my SO. Last thing I want is to get his hopes up too just to be let down too 😞