Small blood spots?


I had my baby 2 months and 2 weeks ago. I had a first degree tare from giving birth that has now (from what I can feel) healed up. But when my boyfriend and I have sex it feels like super tight down there.... (he doesn't seem to mind) but it is a little uncomfortable. It also is very sensitive right where my stitches were. We use lots of lube and condoms. I know that it takes a while to "bounce back" after giving birth so I'm not so concerned about the discomfort because it's not excruciating by any means, I still enjoy sex.. but after when I go to the bathroom there is a little blood. Not enough to make the toilet paper red. But there's enough to show up on the tissue. It's more like a pinky red and small spots. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? Is this normal? Or should I be concerned and consult my doctor?