Just upset

Where do I begin well be my boyfriend we been together for 2 1/2 years we did split up and he did have a baby with someone else he wasn't in the wrong or anything like that but it's hard for me as I wanted to be the woman he had his first child with. At the moment I'm finding it very hard because we been trying now for six months and nothing. With this girl it was once The charm. All I want is to be close to him now and try every time I'm on my ovulation he doesn't seem to want to try he says he does but it just doesn't happen then we argue about so many stupid stuff has anyone got any advice.

He says it's because I go on at him and I am babish I do but at the same time that should not stop you having sex with your partner stop making love to them stop being close I just wanna see how it goes but if anyone's got any advice I really appreciate it.