Survived her odds

MelCee • 👫Wife and pet Mom 🐶🐱

Me and my husband were driving home one night and a black cat ran in front of us worried we may have hit it we stopped and got out to look there was no sign of this black cat anywhere it had just disappeared out of the blue. My husband went to open my door when he saw something little moving a little down the road. We walked to it and it was a baby kitty about 6 weeks old. It was skin and bones and covered in flees and had an upper respiratory infection. It was so bad that the kitten could eat because she could only breathe through her mouth. Me and my husband had no money for a vet and the free clinic said they would only put her down because she’s too small for medication. I was not going to let this kitten die. I do a lot of alternative medicines and remedies for myself so I looked in to doing them for the kitten. I used watered down peppermint essential oils to help with her breathing I also used children’s Benadryl in liquid form to help with her infection and a Rosemary sage and tea tree bath got rid of all of her fleas and ticks. The peppermint helped her breathe better out of her nose and she was able to start eating the kitten formula. I had to start out with an eyedropper but she finally got the hang of a bottle. Her infection finally got better but then we found out she had worms but an over the counter dewormer got rid of them all but then she got a terrible ear infection and I put her back on The children’s Benadryl and kept the ear clean in a few weeks the infection was gone. We named the kitten Suki and she will be 1 years old soon. We never saw that black cat again but I feel it was a Spirit sent to lead us to help and love this sweet little kitty.