implantation bleeding?? help me


I'll start from the beginning. My partner and I had unprotected sex alot this cycle especially around ovulation. 7 dpo I woke up to light cramping, tender boobs and milky brown CM. after few hours the CM turned back to the milky white. 8dpo I had very light pink CM in my underwear...not alot at all then nothing after, had headaches, lower back ache, cramping and tiredness. Then 9 dpo I went to the toliet after being really constipated, looked down and there were 2 dark brown blood spots (not clots just dark blood) after wiping there was nothing for the rest of the day. now it's back to clear/milky white. I've occasionally felt cramping today at 9dpo but nothing that's stopped me from doing my daily jobs. I'm not due on my AF for another 5 days and my periods are like clock work. was this implantation bleeding? also my boobs have become increasing vieny today...with alot of prominent blue viens pooping up under the skin. do we think I'm pregnant? too early to test?