anyone know?

so backstory have pcos prescribed provera to start my period and instructed to take clomid cd2-6. started my period 03/17(cd1), started clomid 03/18(cd2), finished 03/22(cd6). started opk cd 6 got high fertility. peaked 03/25(cd9). I'm still on my period. because of my pcos and no periods/ no ovulation without clomid... with clomid could i ovulate on my period? im skeptical but after peak all i get is neg opks 3/26 and today. im still going to be testing opks twice a day. just needed some advice and insight

UPDATE 1: @B btw did you have a long cycle on clomid? but i think with my absent periods still being on my cycle is normal..

UPDATE 2: @B do you think the cd i took clomid could have anything to do with it cause usually i dont even have periods, but right before being prescribed i had one for five days. its getting lighter but still there. i wish it would got up so i could really track for ovulation

UPDATE3: @B it's a full on period. its getting lighter tho. hopefully I'm close to the big O. i spotted the first day. yeah I'm going to continue doing opks twice until i get a real positive. wish me luck! thank you for your kindness! i really appreciate it