Sunny Side Up Baby


So about 4 weeks ago I had an ultrasound down at the hospital bc I had a high fever and hadnt felt my baby move a ton. Everything was okay and I'm 38 weeks now and she moves a lot every day. Well during the ultrasound the tech said she was facing up like towards the ceiling (she's dropped since I'm 32 weeks) I didnt think anything about it and my doctor didnt say anything. I've been reading stories getting further along about people having sunny side up babies and the baby getting stuck and ending up having to get a c section. I plan on asking my doctor about it this week when I go. Also I'm very anemic apparently and I didnt find out until my primary doctor told me and i brought the blood work to my OB from the hospital and she was like "Oh yeah, you're anemic" like you didnt look at look at this? So I'm pretty sure the OB has no clue my baby is sunny side up. So what did your doctors say/do when they found out your baby was sunny side up? I know they have things you can do to try and get the baby to turn but how do you know if the baby turned? FTM, so any stories or advice is appreciated 😊 ( I'm 1.5 cm dilated and 60% effaced btw idk if thats important)