Didn't expect it to be like this


Woke up this morning to bed sheets looking like a murder scene ..hello unexpected and early period. I seriously spent the last decade religiously taking BC in fear that one unprotected romp in the sheets would have me knocked up. Now that my husband and I have been trying for several months without success I wonder if it will ever happen. I know others have been trying much longer but I also know so many people who are getting blessed with little ones and I want one so so badly. I tried not to get too caught up in trying and just let it happen but I'm so sick of waiting and so sick of wondering if something

is wrong. Everyone says it happens when you stop trying but due to my super irregular periods over the last few months I am starting to think tracking and scheduling sex is the only way it will happen. Drowning my sorrow some wine tonight and going to be purchasing some ovulation tests, preseed and a thermometer soon. I really thought this might be our month 😭😭😭😭