Weird things at 33 weeks

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Sorry in advance for this post, TMI and kinda long.

Having some strange symptoms this time around with DS (second pregnancy, DD just turned 11yo). I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions, or what I assume to be as I never had them with my first, for nearly two months now. They are completely random and seem to mostly be caused by baby moving around. I wasn't to worried about them until today. For the past two days I have been having my normal 4 or more BH but I've also started having what feel like real contractions as I can feel these in my back, but weirdly enough I have only had 2-3 per day making them hours apart. Another new thing that started right around the same time is the nausea and diarrhea. Both of which have been causing even more BH then normal. The nausea has made eating an absolute chore and with in minutes of eating I'm on the toilet. Today the diarrhea was accompanied by quiet a bit of mucus.

I'm particularly concerned about preterm labor as my baby is footling breech and will not (or can not turn at this point as my doctor believes. I have a tall and narrow uterus so he's kinda stuck now). I have an appointment next Tuesday with an ultrasound and if he is still breech (which they are 99% he is) and they will schedule a C-section around 38 weeks. My thing is I am wondering if my new symptoms should be a cause for concern. I usually avoid doctors like the plague and really hate having to call L&D; for every little ache and pain but I'm starting to get worried about my baby. Baby moves almost constantly but I'm worried that the not being able to turn plus everything else might cause distress? First baby was born through emergency C-section after being induced at almost 42 weeks so I have never experienced contractions on my own or anything else I'm experiencing with this little guy.

Sorry again for the long post. Just wondering what other mommas have to say.