Never thought Id be going through my first pregnancy alone and with a baby daddy that doesn’t care about me what so ever.. I didn’t do anything to deserve this and honestly I’m so tired of holding it altogether for everyone. Every night I cry myself to sleep because this isn’t how my life was supposed to be, this isn’t what he promised me. I have family and they have been there for me but I still feel like I have no one. I can’t just sit there and cry and yell. This just isn’t what my life was supposed to be like..

My baby dad has treated me horrible (why I left) but I can’t help to still hope things will change and we’ll be together again. To this day he still says the rudest things to me .. I know he doesn’t care about me but I just keep trying to make him care but he doesn’t. This isn’t what I was promised.

I just don’t want this anymore.