So me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year❤️. We are in a long distance relationship, he's in Chicago and I'm from Puerto Rico. We've done oral the two times he has flyed down here. He's now coming for april 7 for our anniversary💕. He's gonna be staying at an apartment on his own so this is our chance to go further. We have talked about sex and we agreed on doing it after marriage even though I wouldn't mind doing it now, but I respect him and Love him (and im nervous of getting pregnant which I really don't want to at this age or even before marriage). So since we agreed on that we want to try anal (I know it kind of sounds stupid to do anal and not just do it). We have both looked for lots of info, like what positions are best, what lube to use, how to start, all that. Now, the past other times we've done oral i never orgasm, it does feel so good but nothing happens idk if it was the rush of getting caught at the moment but it didn't happen and neither for him, the times he has cumed have been with his help and then i get so frustrated. This time I want to surprise him and really make him cum all by my own. I bought a cute lace red thong to drive him crazy. Btw we both 18. So please any tips on giving a blowjob? Or Any advice on anal?