Let me tell you my story ☺️


Hey y’all 💖 I miscarried in December 2017. Chemical pregnancy really. Levels and pregnancy were done very quickly. Last period was Jan 30th. Fast forward to February 28th. First positive test. 😬 Super strong positives from then on! Went to my first appointment on March 13th. Thought to be approximately 6 weeks by that time. Doctor said he thought he saw a faint sac but wanted to see me back in 2 weeks. (27th but ins issues 🙄 so haven’t been back). He said I wasn’t as far along as I assumed which we can’t figure out how because I’ve logged all of my above dates... Well, since I’m not able to go back to the OBGYN yet, I bought myself a Fetal Heart rate Monitor for home. I used it today, should be 6 weeks now, lol. When doing it, I started in the middle of my tummy right along/above my pubic bone. Moved to the right about an inch and heard a heartbeat about 120. Moved back the other way about 2 inches and heard another about 146. So. Question is. Does this sound like possible twins? I wouldn’t hear one heartbeat that far apart in distance right? It was a total of about 3 inches between each one i heard. I don’t ever remember hearing a heartbeat in more than one spot with my last two children 😁Please make sense of this for me lol