Missed Miscarriage?

i have all the symptoms if pregnancy, i had the implantation spotting, all the odd and strange symptoms.

i ovulated on the 11th of this month, ( a few days after my period) and later that week i had implantation spotting. its been 13 days since i spotted and still no positive test. i know everyone will say, well you probably weren’t pregnant, but i know my body. i’m still having the symptoms, i didn’t have any bleeding or irregular. painful cramps.

someone please tell me if this sounds like it’s possible to you, or if you have had a missed miscarriage before.

also, should i go to the ER? i’m only 3 weeks 5 days, so idk whats they would see or anything. but i feel like i should have tested positive by now. i’m 1-4 days away from period date. (it comes either at day 28-31)