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I just found out today that my sister in law is 6 w 4 d pregnant.. don’t get me wrong IM SOOOO HAPPY & EXCITED! I just jealous & I feel bad for feeling that way.. I didn’t tell her that of course but I’m also sad because I live in Hawaii & she lives in Florida so it hurts my feelings I won’t be involved the way I’d like to be.. my husband and I have been trying for 2 years and this month I just started fertility treatments after finding out I have PCOS. My SIL just decided she wanted to try to get pregnant and found out she has PCOS as well but she got pregnant her first month trying... I always thought my husband and I would be the first ones to give my in laws a grand baby. I don’t know.. ever since my MC last April I’m just a little... you know... jealous. But I’m so happy for her and excited. I can only imagine how they feel! I asked her to send me baby dust .. lol hopefully since this is my first month taking letrozole & ovidrel, I hope this will be my month and we can be pregnant together... well thanks for reading... even if no one replies.. I just wanted to put that out there..