Should I be worried ?

Before you continue reading to answer most common questions :

Are you on birth control ? No I’m not

Do you have any STI’s ? No I’m

Clean .

Did you use protection ? Yes a condom.

Is it your first time ? No it isn’t


So basically me and my SO were having sex yesterday and it felt great until , I suddenly got a really bad sharp pain in my lower. Abdomen😦

And it hurt like a bitch !

So I’m sitting there no trying to scream like this :

I said stop and he stopped , thank god he actually heard me because I was quiet but after he was still it didn’t hurt ?

Now this isn’t my first time either 🤧

So we stayed still for abit and I said try again slowly , so he did and soon as he did

It hurt... a lot so we stopped but I ached for a while afterwards and we weren’t even rough yall , so any ideas what it is and should I be worried ?