Pregnancy Announcement ideas🤩🤩

Jerr • 8 yrs married 💖 3 precious girls

Hey everyone!! I'm 6w3d. We have an ultrasound in exactly 2 weeks to make sure everything is ok, but we have had an early scan already at 5w6d and baby DID have a heartbeat of 101. So a lot of worry did kinda go away. 🤞

Anyway, We plan on announcing to family and FB (we live away from some family so FB is a family announcement as well) a few days after the next ultrasound. Problem is we have no idea how. 🙄

Backstory: We have 2 daughters already, 7 and 4. We have a cat who, I cannot lie... I LOVE lol she is my other child. Unlike the other two, this baby was NOT a surprise, 😂. Baby is due the 18th of November. So around Thanksgiving and during the fall. 🍂🍁🦃

Gimme your ideas!!! ♡♡♡

**also, the grandparents already know**