Sweet relief😊

Mallory • Wife and momma, 💙Grayson McLane 9/24/14, 💙Major Francis 11/23/18,♥️Ivie Virginia-Anne 4/4/20.

Oh good god sorry this is a little TMI but I’m 4w5d and have been SO FREAKIN CONSTIPATED for the past 5 days and that has made me hella uncomfortable and bloated.... wellllll I just finally did the deed and hot damn!!!! I feel like a whole new woman🤩🤩 anyone else going through this?? When I was pregnant with my son I didn’t have constipation problems until my 3rd trimester and when I would feel like maybe I could get something out, this might be weird, i would be afraid to push too hard hahaha😂 anyway I’m due dec 1, and would love some semi natural/homeopathic ways to relieve this hell that I’m in?? Any advise from my fellow mommas/ mommas to be?