19 and pregnant with first looking for friends to talk to


I’m mimi 19 pregnant 8 weeks and 6days my first pregnancy kinda goin through a lot my boyfriend just treated me so wrong changed on me when he knew got me pregnant it sad 😞he won’t even talk to me everytime I text him bout way I be feeling with morning sickness or bout anything bout me being pregnant he just ignore me I haven’t talked to him in days the last thing he told me was we can break up and A lot of stuff 😞I’m just so broken but I try everyday to be strong for lil baby inside me ,at times I think like why I was so stupid for not using protection knowing I won’t on anything tht all he wanted from me but I was blinded but I will never do anything to hurt my baby ima work hard give this lil blessing inside me all my love and try be best mom I can be