An Open Letter To My Baby I’ll Never Meet

Hi Baby!

Mommy knows you’re flying with your beautiful wings in Heaven. I’m glad you get to be in a safer place where you can keep growing. Mommy and daddy were so excited when we finally saw ➕two lines➕ show up instantly on multiple test. We waited a whole year for that moment! Mommy and daddy were in such disbelief and already planning the rest of our lives with you❤️ How we would raise you, the morals and values we wanted to instill in you, how we would protect you, how much grandma would just love you👵🏼, how we would tell everyone of your arrival, the sports you’d play if you were a 🏀boy🏈 or if you were a girl (but mommy wanted you to do dance just like mommy did in her days👯‍♀️), activities we’d do with you, what it’d be like when you’re in ✏️school🖍, what’d it would be like when you had siblings, & so much more! We only knew about you for a week and it seemed we had our whole lives already planned out as a family with you in it. I couldn’t wait for the day I could hold you and kiss you a million times! Before it was confirmed I lost you, I knew what was happening. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew it. My heart sank. All our plans and dreams we had for you were being ripped away. I wasn’t far along enough to know your gender. But I felt you were a girl.🎀 Even though we didn’t get a lot of time together, just know that mommy & daddy loved you so much and always will. It’s crazy how we never even got to see you or feel you, just knowing you were in there, we fell in love with you. You’ll always be in our hearts my love💕 I blamed myself and still do from time to time thinking what I could have done differently. As time went on, I knew God had a bigger plan for you and us. Maybe God was protecting you from something that I couldn’t have. But, you’ll always be my baby❤️ only God knows why these things happen. But I pray when we have a baby to hold in our arms, we get a glimpse of what you would have looked like, smelled like, what your personality would have been like. YOU can never be replaced. But I hope we make you proud my love and that you watch over mommy & daddy. We will always love you and remember & cherish the short time we had together.