Need help with a baby refusing to sleep!


Right I’m at breaking point here. My 8 1/2 month old boy will not sleep in his cot at all. I give him a bath at around 6:30/7 every night and then a bottle. He falls asleep in my arms and then I move him to his cot but as soon as he touches the mattress he throws himself around screaming like a tantrum.

He used to sleep from 7 till 10 in his cot, then he’d get in my bed with me, but now he literally won’t go to bed until I do, and he has to sleep in my arms cuddled ALL NIGHT LONG. It’s so tiring because he wriggles a lot and I wake up loads😭 it’s just getting so ridiculous, and I need help because I’m starting to get frustrated😩

I can tell he is so tired but he just won’t sleep without me and this means I can’t ever have a break or have a drink with my friends as he screams constantly if his grandma is having him (I’m a single mum).

I’ve tried the cry it out method but it doesn’t work, he just screams until he’s sick🤷🏼‍♀️