New here... my first post.


Hi ladies. I know there are hundreds of posts but I need some advice, insight, help, etc.

I am a 32 yr old mom through adoption and also a foster momma. My husband and I went through fertility meds/appointments like 13 years ago. After about 2 years we got pregnant but sadly miscarried at 6 weeks. I have PCOS and have had issues with ovulating and having a period in general let alone one monthly. I have lost 70 lbs and In the past year have really been researching about how to get my hormones back in check. I started taking a regimen of supplements and came off metformin and spironolactone completely. I asked to have blood work done and learned that I do have MTHFR. So I stared taking a few different B vitamins as well (including folate). 13 years ago i charted some but didn’t really pay any attention. I have been charting this past cycle and was wondering if you guys could tell me your thoughts? Together with my chiro, we decided to make the 1st day of the month my cd1. The 14th-21st I take ProgonB-L 4x for the progesterone. I started this along with DIM daily December 1st. My period has been coming with the 22&23rd of the month or about the 26-27th. This month I also started using a menstral cup as well. I started my period on the 23rs (or what I think was my period) I spotted or had a period for only three days. I changed the cup 2-3 times per day and only had about 1 mL of blood, in the cup, each time. After that, nothing.... no bleeding/spotting and still nothing. I am attaching my chart as well. If needed I can post everything that I take daily. Thanks so much for your help!