I really need to vent today. I’ve had a knot on my throat the whole day and I’ve been feeling awful. My story is a little long so I hope you don’t get bored with it.

My husband and I met at work 7 years ago. We started dating and eventually we ended up pregnant and married. I lost my baby 3 years ago due to incompetent cervix and haven’t gotten pregnant since. We’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past 6 months, but no luck.

My husband has a brother who I thought was super cool at the time. The brother had a girlfriend who was awesome, they were dating for 6 years. Eventually he ended up cheating on her with my best friend. When I found out they were mooching I was in chock and I could not accept it. I told him “I am not going to accept this, this is wrong and if you don’t tell your girlfriend. I will” she was a great friend and that for me was crazy and unacceptable from both sides. He ended up telling her and breaking up with her, of course I was angry at my friend. At that same time I found out I was pregnant, and with everything I was extremely stressed. My husband and I had to move in with my brother in law and his girlfriend for 2 months (while all of this was going on) because our apartment had mold. My brother in law and his girlfriend were fighting constantly and she would not move out of the house (the house was his). We would wake up in the middle of the night with him screaming because she had a knife on his throat. After a while we decided it was best for us to move out, which we did.

A couple of months after we lost our baby, which my brother in law was happy about it.. he kept on telling us we needed to get an abortion the whole time we were living at his house. Now 3 years after he is having a baby, who is about to be born in a month...with the girlfriend (now wife) who almost killed him. I am happy for them, a little sad I haven’t been able to conceive, but happy.

But what is really killing me is that we all work together (family business) and my brother in law wants to get my husband out of the picture. Today my husband heard him telling another coworker (office neighbor) that his family should give his brother a good lump sum and tell him to go away.. because he is the one who deserves the business. Mind you.. the business is his grandfather’s, who is still alive and has 5 kids. What makes him think he deserves it? My husband really feels they don’t want him now (he is being extremely negative after all) because everything he tries to bring up they kill it and his brother is the one who ends up bringing it to the company. It makes me really sad to see my husband so down.. and I keep on telling him not to give up but it’s not husband is broken and I have no idea what to tell him to make him feel better. According to him he followed my advices before and it ended up being terrible 😥

My husband always supported his brother and helped him with everything. But now all I see is a real backstabbing asshole. 😐 my husband don’t even feel like handing out with the family anymore. It really sucks and I really don’t know what else to do or say.