Work leave!

Brittany 🎀 4/21/18

So yesterday at my 30 week appointment I asked my dr about me going on leave at 34 weeks. This is due to me being induced at 37 weeks because of hypertension. So I wanted a few weeks before to relax and get ready for baby girl’s arrival. She had no problem with that at all. Actually she wanted me to go on leave at 32 weeks due to me having to start coming twice a week at that time and she said that was usually trying for people.

So I only have 5 days of work left before I am off forever. Lol. Well not completely forever probably cause husband and I have talked about me going back to school when she starts school if I decide to go that route but I will be a stay at home mom until she goes to school! 💜🎀 Here is me the day of my appointment on Tuesday!