Emotional blackmailing??


My ex left me in January, just left. I lost my job, I became homeless and he broke my heart. He just left one day and ignored my call and messages for a whole day until he finally messaged me on Facebook dating he wasn’t able to end things face to face and he was taking a job out of state and then he blocked me. We talked on and off a few times and he said he missed me, feels like he made a mistake but didn’t know what he wanted but did really want the job opportunity. I told him I wasn’t waiting for him. I financially supported him for over 6 months when he lost his job but he did finally get one a few weeks before he left. He popped back up about a week ago saying the job didn’t work and and he was back in town. At that time I just got into a new relationship the night before. At first our conversation was just friendly but he ended up saying how he still loved me and how he tried to attempt suicide because he was so guilty about what he did. Was he emotionally blackmailing me?