Nausea in third trimester?

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I had *no* nausea in my first two trimesters. The last few days Ive been burping non stop, I feel really nauseated, and have had some problems in my vision (hard to explain, but things staying too long after I’ve looked away, kinda like looking at the sun and still seeing it once you’ve turned), and headaches that aren’t really bad, but very consistent. I’ve taken Tylenol and drank a coke, but still nothing.

What the heck is going on D’:

I’ve been VERY worried about my BP because I had preeclampsia in my last pregnancy and I guess I’ve been too hyper vigilant cause now my doctors think I’m crazy and overly worried. 🙄🙄🙄

So now I’m too anxious to call them and ask questions, and I’m afraid they won’t take me seriously and think I’m just overreacting. . 🙃