lesbian unable to find donor


My partner Nallely and I are looking for a donor to have a baby. I have always wanted a family and I'm happy to have someone to build that with. Unfortunately, finding a donor is a lot harder than we thought. We initially want a friend of mine to donate. Note: we typically prefer someone we know to be the donor. Anyway, he said, "no". Nallely had a friend in mind as well. He also said, "no". We ask 2 more people. Also, no. A while later Nallelys friend found out and asked why we didn't ask him. I feel bad because he's my partners friend. He's not our first choice. More like... I hate to say it but last resort. I am a little opened minded to finding someone we both don't know. The thought of a random person I have no idea about having their stuff put in me freaks me out. Any suggestions?