I did something to my foot


So... It was the end of the day at school and I was giving my friend chocolate for Easter and left my phone on the ground. When I got to my school bus I remembered my phone and sprinted for my life. After a while yes I found my phone, but I did something to my foot. I’m not sure what I did but if I put ANY weight on t what so ever, I would scream and cry. That was hours ago at around 3:20 and it’s now 11:00 at night. It’s been hurting like hell ever since and I physically can’t bend my ankle around. It’s extremely painful and annoying. I’m using a sort of small bandage thing I found in my drawer, and just protection and limping from one place to another. I have no clue of what I have done, so if anyone knows what I’ve done with this info I’ve given or has a solution to ease the pain, that would be awesome.

P.S, Happy Easter! Have. Great break! 🐣

Thanks y’all ✌🏼