He HATES his job

Teeny • Mom of one, stepmom of one, and expecting our third boy 1/31/16 👶🏼
I have a wonderful fiancée (we get married one month from today!) who has a shitty job. He makes decent money, good benefits, and plenty of leave and he got in to this career because he really wanted to. But, it's on any top 10 most stressful jobs list, the hours are horrific, and after eight years, he's just burning out. He spends his work hours dealing with people who hate him for existing, literally getting in physical altercations with people, and then has to hear about how fucked up his job is every time he scrolls through Facebook or turns on the news.
Quitting is not an option. Not just because of his benefits and retirement but I know in the long run this is what he really wants to be doing, I really think he's in a rough patch personally. We always figured if he REALLY burned out, he could quit and we'd live off my income but with a third kid coming (and the fact he doesn't actually want to quit) that's not possible and he's freaking out.
How can I support him right now? We're remodeling our kitchen/dining/family room right now so I'm hoping maybe when that's fine he'll be able to look at the house as an oasis away from the stress.
Any advice us appreciated 😊