estimated fetal weight at 27 weeks ?

Rose • Hiiiii
What was yours and was the baby as big as estimated weight or smaller ? my chunky man is estimated at 2 lb 11 oz ... They said he's really big top end of the scale and if he continues to grow this way he will around 10 lbs at birth , I'm having him 2 weeks early and have to have steroids before, I have had 3 babies 1st was a boy at 6 lb 13 , 2nd girl premature 34 week's gestation 3 lb 10 oz and 3rd was 4lb15oz a girl at 37 weeks, so it's come as a shock that this one is so big ! It's a good thing though , on the other hand I had to have a gestational diabetes test today to rule that out as a cause I get the results in the morning , it does make me wonder though I've never had a big baby x