Pregnant or early period???

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I was on BC for a while and my cycle was regular. My fiance and I have decided to TTC so I stopped taking my pill. I was a week into my pack when I quit taking it. This was May 23. A day or 2 later I started bleedin like my period, but it stopped after 3 1/2 days. We have been having sex almost every day since then without any attempt to keep me from getting pregnant. According to this app, and my very regular cycle, I shouldnt have started my period until this weekend. I started bleeding yesterday, but it wasnt like my regular bleeding. I had no symptoms for a few days before like I always do and the bleeding was very light compared to what it always has been in the past. It was also a very light pink instead of dark red like usual. This morning when I went pee, the blood that came out was almost brown in color and it was a very light flow as well. Im also nauseous for a little bit in the morning and very tired and all I want to do is sleep all day even tho I slept a full 8 hrs the night before.

Im wondering if Im getting my period early or if its implantation bleeding?

I have a 3 YO boy already and have had an ectopic and a miscarriage since my son was born. Im nervous an scared. Anybody got any ideas pleeeeeeaaaase....