Costochondritis (Tietze's syndrome)

Virginia • Pregnant with baby n°2

Hello… I'm 18+5, and today I had to rush to the ER bc I was feeling a horrible pain on my upper ribs. I thought I might be having a heart attack, but after having my pressure taken, several oscultations, an electrocardiogram and a blood analysis, the dr. told me I had costochondritis (or in any case Tietze's syndrome, but this last one is chronic and marked by inflammation that can be seen). Since I'm pregnant, I can't take anti-inflamatories, le only Paracetamol which almost equates to water...

I've read some people suffer from this condition for a few weeks and then they're done with it but for some others it becomes hell, chronic hell. Some women have it sporadically through their pregnancies and and some others, suffer from it up to 3 or 4 months after delivery.

I'm scared of the prospect of belonging to the 2nd group. Has anyone of you beebeen through this? Any advice?

Thanks in advance!