I’m Not Sure If I Should Trust him

So I was walking with this group of people back to my friend’s dorm when I met this guy, call him X I guess. Met him yesterday afternoon hung out with him and this group of friends for a little. He seemed chill and he said he was gonna go drink and asked if anyone wanted to go with. Not trying to get wasted just a little buzz. I said I would, no one else wanted to go so we go get these two huge cans of beer 10% alcohol go back to X’s room to drink it. After we’re a bit buzzed he starts saying some weird shit like “show me your ass. I’m just kidding you don’t have to.” A little while longer I’m pretty drunk, he like whips his dick out telling me to suck it n shit and to like give him a hand job or whatever. I don’t remember what else he said but then one of our friends texted me trying to figure out where we were. X didn’t want me to tell the friend where we were but he ended up finding the room anyway. We all hang out in X’s room for a bit and I drunkenly told the friend what happened. I don’t remember if he said anything about it but I think he texted X about it because the next time we were alone together X brought it up in like a “why’d ya tell him” type manner. Later we all (including the friend) end up going to get some more alcohol shit and we go to the friend’s to drink it. After a bit more drinking I’m pretty wasted but I remembered I need to go back to X’s room and get my shit. X says he’ll go with me to get it and we’ll come back to the friends room right after. We get to X’s room and he keeps telling me to suck his dick and he’d fuck me if I did but I couldn’t tell anyone about what we did. I said ok and we ended up fucking. When we were done he just kept reaffirming that I shouldnt and wasn’t gonna tell anyone. I’m not really sure if this is ok because I was pretty trashed at the time but I didnt say no. I’m not sure how to feel about this. Sorry for the length just any advice would be appreciated

Update: there’s some info I forgot to include.

1 ) he does have a girlfriend, but apparently that relationship isn’t going too hot. He said he hasn’t had sex with anyone for over 4 years and he felt like he wasn’t even in a relationship with this girl anymore. I’m not saying this makes anything ok, I told him we probably shouldn’t during one of his first advances towards me because then his girlfriend would win because he would’ve cheated on her. I wouldn’t have done any of that shit if I was sober, and I’m upset because I just fucking realized he cheated on her with me.

2 ) as shitty I guess as what he did was, I don’t want him to get into trouble with the law. I know, stupid right? But as angry as I am about the cheating I feel bad for him because he seems like he could be a really good guy there’s just a lot of shit going on in his life and I don’t want to make it worse. I don’t know, there doesnt seem to be a clear right answer to me

It feels like the more I think about this the more I feel like a shit person for what happened…


Me and him talked it out earlier. He told me he didn’t remember much of anything that happened last night but he knew that things got out of hand and that he was sorry. He was extremely apologetic about the whole thing kept saying it was all his fault and he overestimated the amount of alcohol he could handle. I told him that it was both of our faults I should’ve known better and that it was just a drunken mistake between the two of us. I told him how I would’ve been more upset about things if that was the intent but we were both just too drunk to make good decisions. We agreed that things were cool between us and that he needed to tell his girlfriend what happened as well as that we wouldn’t tell anyone else about it.

Thanks for all of the advice and comments guys, I appreciate it