PCOS, STIs, yeast infections and concerned about fertility


I’m only 20 years old and already worrying about if I’ll be able to conceive and carry my kids. All my life, I’ve wanted to be a mom and experience pregnancy.

However, I have PCOS. That alone can lessen your fertility, not to mention that I had untreated chlamydia for an extended period of time as well as chronic yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis as a result of the STI. It’s not that I did not try to get treated, but no doctor would treat me to the extend I needed, brushing it off like it was not chronic. I got treated for the chlamydia, however the treatment did not take and I was not aware until 4 months later. I then gonorrhea from a boyfriend and got treated from that. I have been dealing with constant vaginal issues and pain for about a year now and the bacteria had started to spread. I am now on multiple antibiotics and when i went back in for a checkup after taking the treatment, i still had a heavy buildup of both yeast and bacteria. I’m still working on being treated. It worries me that I may not be able to conceive and carry my children which brakes me heart. Has anyone else had problems like these that wouldn’t mind sharing?