Did you ever catch ur ex now or an ex cheating. Like you were there or just on text. Tell uss what u did.. Like my ex bf i caught him right handed.. I went to his house everyday and one day i wanted to go shoppin for new summer clothes so i was gonna see him later on. Since his house was on the way... His parents loved me and i was close with his mom.. I saw her while i was walking towards mandees and she invited me so i ended up not going shopping i went to his house and walked in with his brothers and his dad and mother.. I go downstairs which is the basement and everybody hangsout there like his friends and us and whoever and i went down with his brother to see if he was down there and i caught my ex fuckening his brothers slutty gf on the pool table!.. I threw her on the floor. Broke her nose and idn what else with the pool table stick and his brother broke my exs jaw!.. Never saw him again and i hear today hes uglier and single and a loser that still lives with his parents! He was my first love and i never did no wrong so!..