My natural c section delivery storyyy......


Hello folks.....thank you a ton for helping me through my pregnancy. First of all I had a healthy pregnancy and 40 weeks later bang the baby is born.this is my delivery story.....well 2 days before my due date I had my induction scheduled and same day evening I had my pains started but low and tolerable with 10 min gap. I called hospital and they said to come in when they r 5 min apart or less. I waited next day as well but the pain was getting worse but no change in time gap. Finally on the due date ( day of induction) I came in to get my cervix checked and I was 4 cm dilated but with same 10 min gap. Nurse gave me oxytocin min just to get the contractions close ....well it worked and I decided not to take epidural and go natural all the way. I can’t say how worse the pains get and still I tolerated till 10 cm and finally was ready to push at the end of the day. When I started pushing suddenly baby’s heart rate dropped to min. I waited for good 2 hours with the worst contractions ever and was trying to push..every time I try baby’s heart rate dropped and I had to wait again. Doc finally suggested to go with c section cause he thought vaginal delivery might be a risk for the baby. So I had my baby via c section and all ok now. I know it’s a different story but I just wanted to share my experience. My hero was born on 29th March , due date was 28th.

Thank u guys