body goals


okay so im 16 and i reallly want to have a nice body i know thats crazy to say to only be 16 but i struggle with depression really bad because of my self confidence i seriously feel lile my body looks like a cracker box lol i want my body to be more curvy . is there any way i can get it to look more cury ill drop a picture of myself and a picture of an idea of how my "goal " body would be im only 4 foot 10 inches tall too lol and im very big up top too i wear a 36 dd at victorias secret .


idea of a goal body . and people always tell me u have to be heavy set and then lose weight to look like this but i really dont agree with that i believe anybody can get to their goal or close to it as long as they are guided the right direction. but eveeyone drop a picture of yourself 😊❤