Doctor didn't check HCG

So I'm 6w1d. I had my initial appointment at 5w1d. It was just with my ob's medical assistance to go over preliminary stuff, labs, etc. I will have my first appt with my ob at 7w6d and they will do an ultrasound then. However, when they sent me for all my blood work after my last appointment I just assumed they would check my HCG levels (based on everything I see here), but I got my blood work back and no HCG. They called me today on a totally unrelated issue and I asked if they tested for HCG levels, and they said no because he will do the ultrasound at the next appointment. I had really been hoping to see my HCG level, just to confirm the pregnancy. They didn't even make me confirm the pregnancy when I went in at 5w1d - just told them I missed my period and had positive HPT and that was enough for them. I don't have a lot of symptoms so I felt like the HCG results would make me feel better. Now I have to wait almost two more weeks to see the bean and feel relief that I'm not crazy and this is in fact happening. Sigh.