Differ from Husband and MIL on how to parent


Today, my husband and I got into quite an argument. He feels I follow and hover over our 16 month old too much. We are currently at the in-laws which in my opinion is definitely not baby proofed (MIL has littler choking hazards everywhere, steps he could climb, a high sharp stone fireplace mantel and fireplace... ) the list goes on...

At dinner and then at breakfast again, our son had enough sitting in his high chair. Thankfully he is finally eating better after teething for a couple weeks, but he still doesn’t last long in the high chair. I don’t mind following him around but during both meals my husband and MIL proceeded to tell me that I need to relax and sit down... he will be fine wandering around.. I don’t mind if he is in eyesight but when I’m not going to allow him out of eyesight.. they continued to repeat over and over come sit and he needs to learn to let you eat. He needs to be alone.

I honestly think he is way too young. My husband and MIL are driving me nuts about this. I let him get dirty and fall and get into things but I’m going to stay near him if somewhere that’s not babyproofed.

I don’t know how to express to my husband that it’s not okay to let him run around out of eyesight.

I would also like to add that my MIL asks constantly to keep him up later and to doesn’t listen to me when I tell her his schedule... dinner was an hr later than I recommended and after bed time so our son was crazy acting during dinner.

Thank you everyone for your comments and advice!! I really appreciate it and missing my fam a ton during this holiday!

Help please