Sinusitis, 37 weeks pregnant and scheduled to deliver 7/1/15!

So I've been experiencing burning throat, dark green thick mucus, and what feels like a blown up head. Finally get dragged to the ER after having low grade fevers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Turns out I have sinusitis! Haven't slept since Monday...nothing but an hour at a time...then I'm up blowing my nose or coughing up a lung. Now I am on antibiotics for 7 days. (Thursday) Day one: still congested and all that awesome stuff AND to top it off...starting to drain from my lacrimal ducts. Cool. 😖 not! I do not want to welcome my baby girl into the world all sick. I'm in so much eyes are swollen and teary. Oh boy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can finally catch some Zzzz's?? I'm seriously having trouble focusing, remembering or functioning period through the day.